Summertime Beaches and Hoes Video Contest

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Summertime Beaches and Hoes Video Contest
Wednesday, July 31st, 2019, 10 pm Eastern

With the summer comes warm sun, tanned bodies, and of course, that greatest of all things, partial(full, if you're lucky) nudity. So, in the spirit of the Summer, we want to see you showoff some Summer fun. On July 31st, your friendly neighborhood co leads will once again be throwing a league wide contest. To let the league show their creativity, as well as promote and improve our YouTube channel, we will be taking video submissions with a Summer or beach or water theme. Please submit your videos by July 28th to the usual video submission email,, and our panel of judges will decide the first, second, and third place winners.

Prizes TBD
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Fish Fiend(Endgame Water Dps/Healer)
Fishy Freebooter(Endgame Quantum DPS/Troll)
Nuclear Fishion(Endgame Atomic DPS/Tank)
Harley Finn(Aquatic Harley Quinn/Deadpool & Harley Quinn mashup character concepts)
Doll Finn(Aquatic Two-face Henchwoman character concept)

TheShark Knight(Endgame Gadgets DPS)
Dolphin Damsel(Rarely played water toon)
Frost Ferret(Rarely played ice toon)
Ms Medic(Rarely played celestial toon)
Balton Hellhound(Rarely played fire toon)
Balton Software(REALLY rarely played electric toon)
Balton Hardware(REALLY rarely played gadgets toon)
Avenging ArchDruid(REALLY rarely played nature toon)
Major Midnight(REALLY rarely played munitions toon)