Earth 3 Duo Mechanics Guide

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First Boss(Guy in mach suit in ring of stones): When you see the message come on screen "Cannon online" or similar, run and hide behind a rock. A red target will appear on you, wait until the target disappears and the rock you're hiding behind is blown up(instead of you) before attacking again. This happens once for each player every time he does that attack.

2nd Boss(Alexander Luthor): Freezing jets come down from the ceiling periodically that will encase you in a block of ice and cause heavy damage. Standing in the far corner of the room by the restoration barrel is a safe spot from these jets.

After 2nd Boss, Talking to Alexander Luthor starts a very long cutscene that can be avoided by heading straight to the portal but if your partner starts the cut scene before you teleport to Earth 3 Gotham, you'll be trapped in it too, so move quickly to avoid.

Last boss(Robot in Gotham): He summons a bunch of adds as well as does an area of effect rocket strike attack that is forecast by a large target on the ground around you that should be block and rolled and/or moved out of.
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Fish Fiend(Endgame Water Dps/Healer)
Fishy Freebooter(Endgame Quantum DPS/Troll)
Nuclear Fishion(Endgame Atomic DPS/Tank)
Harley Finn(Aquatic Harley Quinn/Deadpool & Harley Quinn mashup character concepts)
Doll Finn(Aquatic Two-face Henchwoman character concept)

TheShark Knight(Endgame Gadgets DPS)
Dolphin Damsel(Rarely played water toon)
Frost Ferret(Rarely played ice toon)
Ms Medic(Rarely played celestial toon)
Balton Hellhound(Rarely played fire toon)
Balton Software(REALLY rarely played electric toon)
Balton Hardware(REALLY rarely played gadgets toon)
Avenging ArchDruid(REALLY rarely played nature toon)
Major Midnight(REALLY rarely played munitions toon)
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